Claim Staking, Land Services and Mapping

Claim Staking Services


From individual lode and placer claims to groups of several hundred we can handle it. Our service includes creating claim maps, posting Location Notices and corners, providing waypoints of corner locations, and documenting our work with time, date and location stamped photos. We work in all seasons and conditions . We can mobilize fast in order to secure your land position ahead of the competition. We can provide a quote based on a per claim basis. 

Land Services


We can provide detailed research on the title and ownership of Patented and Unpatented claims and fee land. We can determine what areas are open for locating and create detailed maps showing available ground. We can investigate title and access rights for active claims and properties. We can provide full due diligence procedures to make sure you receive full and clear title on your property and are in full compliance with security regulators.



Whatever type of map you need we can create it. Property maps, geologic maps, aerial photo maps, topographic maps, mining claim maps. We can make it to your specifications. Contact us for a quote and specific examples of what we can do. 

Location Notices and Claim Corners


In order to ensure your claims are valid. A precise Notice of Location needs to be properly formulated in compliance with State and Federal Laws.  Want to stake your own claims but not sure of the procedure. We can create  Location Notices for you to be posted on your claims and to be filed with the BLM and County. We will also make your claim map and prepare your corner markers and gps waypoints. We can provide a quote based on a per claim basis. 

Claim Jumpers and Claim Disputes


Having problems with claims being overstaked, back daters, paper stakers, floating claim blocks. We can help, we can provide the guidance and procedures needed to protect your valuable land position and hard work. Don't let these scoundrels hold up your progress, let us deal with them and protect your interests.  It's what we do. We are always ready to ride to the rescue.

Underground Sampling and Mapping


Underground sampling and mapping of old workings can provide important information about the potential of your mine and costs for rehabiltation. Our underground crews are all experienced underground miners who have worked in some of  the deepest mines in the world. All of our crews are MSHA certified and highly trained. Unlike many of our competitors our crews have actually worked in operating underground mines.