Claim Staking

Whether you have individual lode and placer claims or even sizable groups numbering in the hundreds, we are fully equipped to manage them all. Our comprehensive service encompasses the creation of claim maps, the posting of Location Notices and boundary markers, the provision of corner location waypoints, and the meticulous documentation of our activities through photos with time, date, and location stamps. We are capable of operating in all weather conditions and throughout the year. Furthermore, our swift mobilization ensures that we can secure your land positions before any competing interests. For pricing, we can offer quotes based on a per-claim basis.


No matter the kind of map you require, we can craft it to your exact specifications. Whether it's property maps, geological maps, aerial photo maps, topographic maps, or mining claim maps, we can customize them according to your needs. Feel free to reach out to us for a price estimate and specific illustrations of our capabilities.


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